Admission Process and Insurance Information

Admission Process

You can call, email, or visit us to inquire about our admissions process specific to your needs

  1. When you visit or call us, you will be greeted by an admissions nurse or staff member. They will take a brief history of your mental and physical health and inform you of the various services we provide at Access Hospital. 
  2. The admissions nurse will check your identification and insurance information to assess what care you’ll qualify for.
  3. You will then be guided to a medical professional who will spend between 45-60 minutes with you and take a detailed history of your illness.
  4. The medical professional and psychiatrist will discuss a treatment plan with you.
  5. You will then be guided to complete all your paperwork, with the help of the admissions staff member.

Please be prepared with:

  1. An ID card
  2. Insurance information
  3. Emergency contact information
  4. Current medication or prescription dosages
  5. Information about current or recent medical care provider
  6. Medical power of attorney, if applicable

Insurance Information

We provide assistance in facilitating insurance pre-certification and authorization from health benefits providers for patients 18 years of age and older, including:


• Caresource

• Molina

• Paramount

• Buckeye Community plan

• Medicare

• Most private insurance

• Medicare and Medicaid*

• Self-pay patients



   * Please note that we only bill Medicaid as a secondary provider.

Upon admission it is the patient’s responsibility to provide accurate insurance information. Payment for applicable insurance deductibles or copayments must be made at the time of admission. If at any time the insurance company denies coverage and the patient remains hospitalized, a request will be made for the patient and/or financially responsible party to sign an agreement to pay for services rendered.

Self-pay patients are required to make a deposit covering the initial five days of hospitalization. The unused portion of the deposit will be reimbursed after discharge from the hospital.