For Patients

You are the most important member of your treatment team!

Your full cooperation and active participation in your treatment, along with our efforts, are critical to your success.  While you are in treatment you will be expected to:



  • Follow all facility and treatment rules.
  • Attend all assigned classes, groups and activities.
  • Take all prescribed medications and inform staff immediately if there is a problem with your medication(s).
  • Make every effort to learn more about yourself, your mental and/or behavioral health challenges, how to manage, and treat them effectively.
  • Fully participate in making a plan for your treatment and recovery.

Here’s what a typical day might look like for you here at Access Hospital Dayton:

A Typical Day in Unit 53 (Addiction Detox, Recovery, and Counseling Unit)

A Typical Day in Unit 52 (Mental Health Unit)