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Access Hospital Dayton is a premier 110-bed capacity (28 active beds) inpatient mental health treatment facility located within the Greater Dayton area of the state of Ohio. Located on a 46-acre private campus at 2611 Wayne Avenue, Access Hospital is an integrated mental healthcare delivery system catering to children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.  Access Hospital is focused on fulfilling the end-to-end continuum of care desired by patients, their families, medical professionals, and insurers.


A Worthy Choice: Why Access Hospital is Different
  • A Dedicated Psychiatric Hospital Providing Optimal Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Staff that are Experienced, Professional, and Caring
  • Customized Treatment Programs That Support Recovery
  • Family Support & Involvement
  • Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Results


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2611 Wayne Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45420

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